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    Today, most of the new devices that are coming out can be connected to the internet. Internet of Things is in full swing but sometimes it is hard to keep track of all of your devices and it can be confusing to remember how they all work. Luckily there are devices that can link to them all and give you a very smooth smart home experience. Are you looking for a smart but yet simple device? Something that is very easy to use and can connect all of your smart devices to so your home becomes a smart house? Than Alexa is exactly what you need! Read reviews of real customers and decide for yourself if Alexa is something for you or not.

    About Alexa

    Alexa is Amazon's virtual assistant, it was first used in the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers developed by Amazon. Alexa is capable of voice interaction, setting alarms, making to-do lists, music playback, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks and providing real-time information about the weather, traffic and others such as news. The Amazon Echo was introduced in 2014 and is a brand of smart speakers by Amazon. The intelligent personal assistant, Alexa, can also be called "Amazon", "Echo" or "Computer" to let her know that you need her services. The Amazon Echo can also control several smart devices acting as a home automation hub so your entire house can be controlled through the Amazon Echo and Alexa. Users can extend Alexa's capabilities by installing third-party apps.

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    Services of Alexa

    Alexa can do a lot for you. It offers a whole new roam of exciting possibilities and all you just have to do is ask for it, it's that simple. Alexa can offer you weather reports, the news, stream music and more. Alexa can manage voice-controlled alarms, timers to-do lists and you can even access Wikipedia articles with it. The Alexa Appstore has over 6.000 functions available for users to download so you can do even more through Alexa. Alexa can interact with devices from several manufacturers and you can even order food with it. You can order food at Domino's Pizza, Grubhub, Pizza Hut, Sreamless, Just Eat and Wingstop.

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    Do you already use Alexa's services? Than we would love to hear what you think of this device and the smart house compatibilities. How easy was it to set it up and ask her things? How convenient do you think Alexa is? Write a review and tell everyone what you think about this smart house device by Amazon.

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    Very smart and easy

    I am very excited to share that i recently bought Alexa. it's my second smart speaker because my first ruined because of some reason, so i jumped to Alexa. i must say its one of the best speakers i know right now.
    i really recommend if you are looking for easy but super cool speaker then this is for you

    By: Daisy Homes02-07-2018
    Would buy here again

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